Close to Home. We <3 Iraqi Children

As second generation children of Iraqi immigrants we have a special place in our hearts for Iraq. We are one of very few second generation children lucky enough to have had the privilege to visit the country our parents once called home. We spent the summer of 1990 on a family vacation to Iraq where many of our best childhood memories were created in the beautiful streets of our parents hometown Telkaif or in the deep mountains of Mosul.


Due to persecution since 2003, Christians have left Iraq in large numbers. less than 500,000 remain today from as many as 1.5 million. Under the ISIS takeover in June 2014, Christians in Iraq were told to convert to Islam, leave their cities, or be killed. Leaving more than 200,000 refugees in need of medicine, food and supplies.


While there are many organizations and relief funds doing great work today we feature

A nonprofit organization founded by St. Thomas, Chaldean Catholic Diocese of Detroit and Adopt a Refugee Family Program.  Helping the innocent and the helpless people of Iraq. has continually assisted in funding and developing several projects helping the thousands of displaced christians. They have created several sub-groups to meet various needs including medical, legal and educational.

One of the groups is the Medical Emergency Relief for Christians of Iraq, or MERCI, a 501(c)(3) organization. Consisting of Detroit-area volunteer doctors, pharmacists, dentists, psychologists and other health professionals.

To date MERCI alone has opened 10 medical clinics serving more than 10,000 people and have raised over $400,000 in donations.

From a life saving kidney transplant to a heating and cooling system donated to a makeshift kindergarten school, is our #1 pick for charitable services. Thank you!


To learn more or make a donation please visit

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Charity Feature- Sahasra Deepika

Sahasra Deepika, which means a thousand lights, is a non-profit foundation that houses and educates underprivileged children in Bangalore, India. Our Institute in Bangalore is home to 60 children who are either orphans or have a single parent who cannot afford to educate them. Seventeen of our students are now in college or technical school. In addition, we also conduct tutoring programs for under-served children in the community. Sahasra Deepika is proudly celebrating its 15th anniversary this year.

Sahasra Deepika

To learn more about this foundation visit

If you have a charity that you want to share with the #iheartkids community, please submit charity information here

XO, #iHEARTKIDS- a magical world where kids matter most.

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Curly Q’s Counter, Fashions and Accessories


Ang Disney

Owner & Designer // Curly Q’s Counter

About: I started my business after my son was born. I am a go getter by nature, and have always been a very driven person. After my son was born I knew I wanted to create different pieces for moms with boys – different from the every day ‘blue’ stuff you see in dept stores. Being a girlie girl myself, I am obsessed with creating funky & unique items for little girls as well. It has gone from a hobby- making items for my family and friends to actually designing one of a kind pieces for every day wear for people all of the world!

I love fashion – I love being inspired by different trends and items in the fashion world. I am passionate about making babies, toddlers, kids & adults alike feel and look great in their unique gear from my store.




Shop Now-

Use Code: IHK15 for 15% Off, ends Wednesday January 29th

Social Media:  IG – @curlyqscounter FB –

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The Little Affair, Singapore based children’s online shop




The Little Affair is a Singapore-based online store that aims to offer trendy children’s clothing and accessories at pocket-friendly prices. The Little Affair presents to you fashion forward apparels for boys and girls aged 2 to 8. We started this brand to influence more parents to dress their kids stylishly in our country, and to show that fashion can be affordable too. We ship worldwide! Free shipping in Singapore. Free shipping across Asia with minimum spending of SGD120 (~USD100). Shop now! Purchase (shopping cart style) and payment (through PayPal) are made on the website.

The Little Affair. Shop Now!

Dress your little ones stylishly with the clothes hand-picked especially by The Little Affair today!

Special iHeartKids Promotion-15% off with code: iHeartKids 
This discount will be applicable for apparel only and will expire on 31 January.
Enter to win $50 Credit to shop on on @iheartkids Instagram.


Comment below for a chance to win, Ends 1/22. Good Luck

The Little Affair |
Social Media| |Instagram @thelittleaffair |

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Guest Post: Kidpreneur Zombietron Robotic Workshop

It’s the time of season for candies, costumes and zombies. Yes, if you like robots … scary robots … scary and remote-controlled robots, then Kidpreneur has an event that will sure make your child scream. Come create your own custom Zombietron robot and control it with the free Kidpreneur Zombietron app on any Android devices. In this workshop, kids aged 10-14 will learn about romote-controlled robots, how to control with infrared technology using our Zombietron Robot kit including motors and modules, and how to operate it with our free Android app. Kids will design and construct their robot with movable arms and head. Please have your kids bring their laptop. All classes and workshops are held at 235 E Main St, Suite #104, Northville, MI 48167. Limited to 8 kids per workshop.

The Zombietron kit is $25 and members only have to pay for the kit to participate in the workshop. It’s $50 for non-members. For members, just login and register. For non-members, click on Add-to-Cart then pay in shopping cart.

z1 z z3  z4

For more information, go to and register for the workshop (!events/c1bom). Happy Halloween!!!

By: Thanh Tran

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Products: KidzCanDesign Promotion + Giveaway!

iHEARTKIDS Deal: $39.99 with FREE SHIPPING ($129 value)

KidzCanDesign will turn those special moments into keepsakes to last a lifetime.












Turn a child’s drawing into a wearable work of art with help from KidzCanDesign. A sterling-silver pendant is custom designed from a child’s drawing, handprint, or footprint and comes on an 18-inch black cord.




  • Turn a child’s drawing, handprint, or footprint into a pendant
  • 18-inch black cord
  • Sterling-silver lobster clasp
  • Metal type: sterling silver
  • High-polish finish
  • Maximum pendant dimensions: 1″x1″ (excluding bail)

For more designs and items, visit KidzCanDesign’s Website | Facebook

Enter to Win A KidzCanDesign sterling-silver custom pendant by commenting below. Why do you want to win? & Include your location. Open to US and International Residents. (International must pay for shipping- flat rate).

For extra entries you can enter on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter by sharing the image below, tag #iHEARTKIDS. Giveaway ends on Friday October 11th.


The promotion continues.

Shop KidzCanDesign using code: iHEARTKIDS for the discounted price of $39.99 +Free Shipping!

These make great gifts for the entire family!


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Products: Wall Decals Giveaway from Lazoo!

Lazoo’s delightful Lazoo wall decals will help encourage kids to imagine, create, and discover new possibilities in their bedrooms or play areas. These Lazoo wall graphics are easy to apply, remove, and reposition. They can be placed on any smooth surface and moved around as often as you need. They’ll never peel away your paint or leave behind any unsightly residue, unlike other stickers!


lazoo3 lazoo4 lazoo5


** 4 Winners will receive their choice of one wall decal. Retailing between $18.99-$14.99.

2 Ways to Enter: Comment below, telling us what you like the most about these cool new decals! Or enter on @iheartkids on instagram 
(see instagram for complete rules)

ExcitingI like the Robots!

Lazoo is a lifestyle children’s brand and media property emphasizing novel award-winning design, individual expression, curiosity, and creativity. Inspired by an internationally best-selling series of Japanese children’s books, Lazoo products all embody the same mission: to spark a child’s creative process, encourage self-expression, and empower the imagination.

To learn more about Lazoo visit 

And stay up to date with Lazoo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Giveaway Ends: 10/7

Good Luck! XO, #iHEARTKIDS

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Products: MawdsleyLoves, Moccasins Made with love in Vancouver


From the creator, Bonnie Mui
I am a new mom and was in search for a shoe that stayed on my little ones foot but was stylish at the same time! I took to my sewing machine and created the first mawdsley slip-on. the rest is history, hand making children’s items that are stylish but most importantly truly functional for both mom and baby!

m1 m2

DISCOUNT AND GIVEAWAY for Friends of iHEARTKIDS ! Open to US and Canadian residents

Receive 10% off Mawdsley products with code: iheartkids at checkout on etsy Custom pieces available per request.

Enter to win a pair of Mawdsley Moccasin Shoes by commenting below! Ends Thursday October 3nd

Stay up to date with #iHEARTKIDS on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter <3
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Guest Blog: Products- Squeeky Knees YOCO– You Only Crawl Once

Lets celebrate the crawl: YOCO– You Only Crawl Once


I remember as a teenager going through my baby box with my mom.  She tearing up as each memory was pulled out, me rolling my eyes and wishing it was over.  I pulled out a pair of tiny shoes with bells tied to them and asked, “um mom, what is this?”  Oh, I had to tie bells on your shoe laces because you were constantly on the go, I figured it was easier to just keep and ear out for you.  It totally worked she said, and you really loved it!  Fast forward some years and now I’m the mom of two little crawlers who DO NOT STOP.  Because I worked for a high end baby clothing  company at the time I used my design expertise combined with my moms genius “bell” invention and created, Squeeky Knees– The soft squeaky pant for the baby on the go. Squeeky Knees combines foam padding and a squeaky device built into the clothing so knees stay protected from bumps and scrapes and moms can keep an ear out for their little ones. Squeeky Knees are easy on and off, machine washable and dryer friendly.
No muss no fuss.  As fast as I could make them, I couldn’t keep them in stock….I thought, hmm I’m on to something here.  After countless hours of testing fabrics, foam and crawling around on all fours (we found that the impact of crawling affects not just the knees but shins) we had a product. We are now a full fledged business with a website and exciting opportunities ahead. My 2 1/2 year old daughter still wears Squeeky Knees.  Little falls that occur while trying to keep up with her big brother are no longer met with tears, just a quick squeak and a smile.

By: Lisa Evans

Founder and Designer of Squeeky Knees

Friends of iHeartKids receive 20% off Squeeky Knees products using the code: iheartsqueeky all one word lowercase upon checkout.

Time for a Giveaway! Enter to win a free product of your choice by commenting below.
Ends Wednesday October 2nd. Winner selected at random.
Stay up to date with #iHEARTKIDS on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter <3
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Products: We <3 Hello Apparel | Giveaway!

Hello! We are excited to team up for a giveaway with one of our favorite brands: Hello Apparel, clothing for adults and children, made in Arizona.


Enter to win, a Camo or Floral T-Shirt, of your choice! Enter on @iheartkids instagram or by commenting here, ends Friday September 27th.

To see more awesome fashion by Hello Apparel visit

Good Luck! Love and Hugs, #iHEARTKIDS <3

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Guest Blog: Kidpreneur is Here in Local SE Michigan


The World Economic Forum identified entrepreneurship education as the core for economic growth because innovation and entrepreneurship provide a way for solving the challenges of the 21st century. Thanh Tran, founder of Kidpreneur in Novi, Michigan, adds that entrepreneurship refers to an individual’s ability to turn ideas into action and is a key competence for all, helping young people to be more creative and self-confident in whatever they undertake. This is the mission for Kidpreneur.

If you have kids or know anyone who does, you will understand that parents encourage their child to start in sports, music, arts and academic early in life. Thanh, a serial entrepreneur and a father of two, is no different. He believes it is partly due to two factors: we want our kids to have a balance of skills to be well-rounded individuals and also explore a potential, hidden interest that could turn out to be their calling. How can’t we encourage our young people to explore entrepreneurship? According to Thanh, entrepreneurship is more than running your own business and maximizing profits. It’s about encouraging confidence and creativity in our kids and being able to communicate and present yourself and your ideas effectively. Like any activity, entrepreneurial skills will help develop key personality traits that can easily overflow into sports, music, arts and academics.

Kidpreneur will be a kid-friendly place where kids aged 8-16 can get mentorship and hands-on training about entrepreneurship and the latest technology including web design, app development, robotics and more. The idea is to have Kidpreneur embedded in the local community where kids and parents feel comfortable and kids are invited to take live classes, online courses, professional coaching and the occasional game challenges with the staff. Kidpreneur plans to launch its pilot on September 21 with the help of Digital Roots in downtown Northville, Michigan. Thanh said “Northville is the ideal location for Kidpreneur because of its unique landscape and transparent border between its neighborhood and downtown business district. We want the kids to roll out of bed and be able to walk, run or bike to their Kidpreneur classes.” And Jay Wolcott, founder and CEO of Digital Roots, is proud to partner with the Kidpreneur program and hopes that his facility inspires regional youth to develop skills that will create a future of innovation.

Kidpreneur’s flagship class is self-titled where kids will learn how to bring their idea to life. The goal is to have the kids be excited about their idea, have fun building a business, give exciting presentations and get customers by the time they graduate from the course. If the kids do not have an idea but want to learn about entrepreneurship, then the instructor will work with them to find their passion. Other pilot classes will include web design, Android App development and LEGO® Mindstorms robotic programming. The classes will take place on Saturdays, lasting 90 minutes for 9 weeks, and the kid to instructor ratio is 4:1. The classes are taught by top practitioners with real-world experience and understand how to get the kids engaged. The graduation event is called Demo Day and will allow the young entrepreneurs to present their business and demonstrate their products and services.

For more information, visit or email

By: Thanh Tran

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Products: Giveaway with Wittle BabyCakes


Say Wittle! Wittle BabyCakes is an Atlanta based children’s brand made from the softest 100% cotton, also carrying organic products. Wittle BabyCakes believes that every child should be able to wear the cutest graphic designs and the most colorful prints that inspire laughter, joy and love.

Products include: onesies, infant and toddler t-shirts, little tee dresses, customized polo onesies and polo shirts, caps, girls headbands, bibs, pacifiers and more!

Wittle BabyCakes’ goal is to be your one-stop-shop for all baby products that you can feel great about. It’s not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. WBC makes the perfect gift for birthdays and baby showers. Spend $35+ and receive a beautifully boxed gift. Receive free shipping on orders over $50.

When shopping with WBC, you support a mother’s dream of creating a brand that gives back. Their mission is to change lives by helping single parents with clothing by donating 10% of our sales proceeds to local organizations that help them.

Wittle BabyCakes is giving one of our lucky readers a gift box for their Wittle Baby!

To enter, comment here and for a second chance, you can submit on Instagram, by tagging your favorite kid pics to #ihk_wbc. *See complete rules on IG @iheartkids*

Ends, Wednesday Aug. 14th. Good Luck!

To shop and to learn more about Wittle BabyCakes please visit


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