Guest Blog: Products- Squeeky Knees YOCO– You Only Crawl Once

Lets celebrate the crawl: YOCO– You Only Crawl Once


I remember as a teenager going through my baby box with my mom.  She tearing up as each memory was pulled out, me rolling my eyes and wishing it was over.  I pulled out a pair of tiny shoes with bells tied to them and asked, “um mom, what is this?”  Oh, I had to tie bells on your shoe laces because you were constantly on the go, I figured it was easier to just keep and ear out for you.  It totally worked she said, and you really loved it!  Fast forward some years and now I’m the mom of two little crawlers who DO NOT STOP.  Because I worked for a high end baby clothing  company at the time I used my design expertise combined with my moms genius “bell” invention and created, Squeeky Knees– The soft squeaky pant for the baby on the go. Squeeky Knees combines foam padding and a squeaky device built into the clothing so knees stay protected from bumps and scrapes and moms can keep an ear out for their little ones. Squeeky Knees are easy on and off, machine washable and dryer friendly.
No muss no fuss.  As fast as I could make them, I couldn’t keep them in stock….I thought, hmm I’m on to something here.  After countless hours of testing fabrics, foam and crawling around on all fours (we found that the impact of crawling affects not just the knees but shins) we had a product. We are now a full fledged business with a website and exciting opportunities ahead. My 2 1/2 year old daughter still wears Squeeky Knees.  Little falls that occur while trying to keep up with her big brother are no longer met with tears, just a quick squeak and a smile.

By: Lisa Evans

Founder and Designer of Squeeky Knees

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  1. Oh my gosh… What a clever idea! My little man is just now starting to scoot around and he’ll be in a different part of the room in just the blink of an eye. I would love a pair of Squeeky Knees for him!!

    1. Congrats! You win! email us to claim prize. Include full name and address! hi at iheartkids dot com

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