iHeartKids + Preemptive Love Coalition, a Special Friend and Partnership

iHeartKids is happy to introduce a Special Friend and new Partnership with the Preemptive Love Coalition. They are Remaking Iraq through Healing.

Browsing around the internet one day, searching for stories about people doing good for kids, I discovered the Preemptive Love Coalition (PLC). They provide lifesaving heart surgeries for Iraqi kids in pursuit of peace between communities at odds.

I immediately felt connected and wanted to know more. I spent hours reading about what they call, “The Backlog”, a long list of children waiting in line for heart surgery; up to 11,000 added every year. I didn’t know there was a serious problem with congenital heart defects in Iraqi children and that so many kids were dying because they couldn’t get the healthcare they needed to survive.

Preemptive Love Coalition is doing something about this… They go where no one else goes, they live in Iraq, saving children and equipping Iraqi medical teams so they can be the remedy.

PLC began with Love. Love for the peoples of Iraq; for their most hopeful and peaceful aspirations; for the hidden beauties of their culture;
and love for their kids who are dying from broken hearts.

iHeartKids shares the same love for the people of Iraq. Iraq is where our parents call back home, it’s where our family and culture come from. It’s a beautiful place where Dottie and I visited as kids & have many great memories. That’s us in the picture below.  Shaqlawa, Northern Iraq /1990.

We were so inspired by the work of PLC, we got in touch with them about getting involved. Hi Cody! Cody Fisher is the Cofounder & Development Director for the Preemptive Love Coalition. I call him my pen pal! We exchanged our stories and connection to Iraq and support for our missions. We were both very excited about partnering, and have been writing since! His emails from Iraq make me happy. We hope you can join us as we work together to heal the hearts of the Iraqi children we love.

iHeartKids has created a PEACE Tee, supporting the mission of our friends at PLC. T-Shirts available in Toddler-Adult Sizes. Option of Blue or Pink Heart. Cost-$22/FREE Shipping! Proceeds from each shirt sold benefit the Preemptive Love Coalition. Shirts are available on our online marketplace, Get your PEACE on here!

If you are interested in getting involved in a fundraising event for PLC, contact Donna donna@iheartkids.com for more information. For more information on PLC visit their website at: http://preemptivelove.org/backlog/mission-2/ If you want to see more, Watch This Video  Check out PLC featured on Oprah’s Life Lift Blog, Read Here

Thank you for reading!

We hope you enjoyed our story! Xo, Donna & Dottie & our Mom! (Hugs)

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