Close to Home. We <3 Iraqi Children

As second generation children of Iraqi immigrants we have a special place in our hearts for Iraq. We are one of very few second generation children lucky enough to have had the privilege to visit the country our parents once called home. We spent the summer of 1990 on a family vacation to Iraq where many of our best childhood memories were created in the beautiful streets of our parents hometown Telkaif or in the deep mountains of Mosul.


Due to persecution since 2003, Christians have left Iraq in large numbers. less than 500,000 remain today from as many as 1.5 million. Under the ISIS takeover in June 2014, Christians in Iraq were told to convert to Islam, leave their cities, or be killed. Leaving more than 200,000 refugees in need of medicine, food and supplies.


While there are many organizations and relief funds doing great work today we feature

A nonprofit organization founded by St. Thomas, Chaldean Catholic Diocese of Detroit and Adopt a Refugee Family Program.  Helping the innocent and the helpless people of Iraq. has continually assisted in funding and developing several projects helping the thousands of displaced christians. They have created several sub-groups to meet various needs including medical, legal and educational.

One of the groups is the Medical Emergency Relief for Christians of Iraq, or MERCI, a 501(c)(3) organization. Consisting of Detroit-area volunteer doctors, pharmacists, dentists, psychologists and other health professionals.

To date MERCI alone has opened 10 medical clinics serving more than 10,000 people and have raised over $400,000 in donations.

From a life saving kidney transplant to a heating and cooling system donated to a makeshift kindergarten school, is our #1 pick for charitable services. Thank you!


To learn more or make a donation please visit

Charity Feature- Sahasra Deepika

Sahasra Deepika, which means a thousand lights, is a non-profit foundation that houses and educates underprivileged children in Bangalore, India. Our Institute in Bangalore is home to 60 children who are either orphans or have a single parent who cannot afford to educate them. Seventeen of our students are now in college or technical school. In addition, we also conduct tutoring programs for under-served children in the community. Sahasra Deepika is proudly celebrating its 15th anniversary this year.

Sahasra Deepika

To learn more about this foundation visit

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Helping those affected by the Oklahoma City tornado

Dozens of people — including several children — were killed when a massive tornado struck an area outside Oklahoma City on Monday afternoon. As we send our deepest thoughts to the families that have been affected, we wanted to share simple ways that we can all help.

tornado3 Oklahoma Tornado. ABC News

– The American Red Cross is always a good place to start, you can use your cell phone to donate $10 by texting REDCROSS to 90999.

-Send a donation to the Oklahoma City region of the American Red Cross and help them provide shelter, food, and services for those in need. For those living in areas with frequent tornado warnings, they have also put together a list of important information to read before a tornado strikes.

-The United Way of Central Oklahoma helps local communities organize disaster response efforts, and will distribute donations to their May Tornado Fund to respected local non-profits working to rebuild their community after the storm.

-To donate to the OK Food Bank, you can text FOOD to 32333 to give $10 to help with relief efforts.

-Donate money directly to Oklahoma Disaster Relif online through reputable local organizations like BCGO  or the United Way of Central Oklahoma’s Disaster Relief. Please do not send clothes; while we all want to help in any way we can, money is what’s needed most right now. (via MomSpark)

-Donate to Feed the Children, $50.00 helps deliver 375 pounds of relief supplies, Or, donate as little as $10 to help those in need.

-Set up through the non-profit, grassroots-supporting Global Giving, the Oklahoma Tornado Relief Fund is raising dollars for both immediate needs, as well as long-term rebuilding goals.

Team Rubicon’s Operation: Starting Gun is preparing to mobilize volunteers to go directly to the communities to help assess damages and expedite home repair. Your support will help get these volunteers where they need to be as quickly as possible.

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Wigs 4 Kids, helping the self-esteem of Michigan Kids

Wigs 4 Kids is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that reaches out to kids and young adults with hair loss. This program is available to any child or teen from ages 3 through 18 in Michigan at no cost to them or their families.


This week I had the opportunity to meet with the Founder & CEO Maggie Varney and her dedicated staff at the Wigs 4 Kids Wellness Center.

Not only are they working hard to help these children look better on the outside, they also help them feel better on the inside. Wigs 4 Kids provides support services including grief and loss counseling, nutrition classes, art and music therapy, a cosmetology program and various children’s activities.

What I really loved about this program is that they do all of this at no cost to the children and their families. I learned about the process from hair donations, to the making of a wig, to meeting with the kids, to the fittings and on going support. Maggie and her team welcome the children in and make them feel special and right at home. I could see they truly care for these children.

Wigs 4 Kids: Kids need to have a sense of belonging, they need to fit in and be accepted by their peers. Wigs 4 Kids helps kids deal with appearance related issues and social acceptance, which are so critical to young adults and children.

I love the work of Wigs 4 Kids and I’m happy to have met with this beautiful organization. They are doing great things for Kids in Michigan. They do this from the hard work within, the support of people in our community and beyond. They receive hair donations from all over the world.

To learn more about Wigs 4 Kids you can visit their website here.

Hair Donations
For more information on
how to donate your hair,
click here

Also learn about Go Green Salon, located inside of Wigs 4 Kids.

Go Green Salon is a full-service environmentally-friendly salon for women and children and is open to the public. Go Green Salon, donates 50% of all hair donor cutting fees back to Wigs 4 Kids. The other 50% pays the technician for her professional service.


Michigan, “PLAYFEST 2013”- Mother’s Day Weekend!


iHeartKids is excited to bring you, PLAYFEST“- A Michigan Family Friendly event taking place this Mother’s Day Weekend, May 11-12, 2013. We will be featuring Michigan Products, presented by our  partner: Got it Made in Michigan.

Now accepting applications for vendors and sponsorships.  Please submit information on our website at:  Get involved: Email

iHeartKids + Preemptive Love Coalition, a Special Friend and Partnership

iHeartKids is happy to introduce a Special Friend and new Partnership with the Preemptive Love Coalition. They are Remaking Iraq through Healing.

Browsing around the internet one day, searching for stories about people doing good for kids, I discovered the Preemptive Love Coalition (PLC). They provide lifesaving heart surgeries for Iraqi kids in pursuit of peace between communities at odds.

I immediately felt connected and wanted to know more. I spent hours reading about what they call, “The Backlog”, a long list of children waiting in line for heart surgery; up to 11,000 added every year. I didn’t know there was a serious problem with congenital heart defects in Iraqi children and that so many kids were dying because they couldn’t get the healthcare they needed to survive.

Preemptive Love Coalition is doing something about this… They go where no one else goes, they live in Iraq, saving children and equipping Iraqi medical teams so they can be the remedy.

PLC began with Love. Love for the peoples of Iraq; for their most hopeful and peaceful aspirations; for the hidden beauties of their culture;
and love for their kids who are dying from broken hearts.

iHeartKids shares the same love for the people of Iraq. Iraq is where our parents call back home, it’s where our family and culture come from. It’s a beautiful place where Dottie and I visited as kids & have many great memories. That’s us in the picture below.  Shaqlawa, Northern Iraq /1990.

We were so inspired by the work of PLC, we got in touch with them about getting involved. Hi Cody! Cody Fisher is the Cofounder & Development Director for the Preemptive Love Coalition. I call him my pen pal! We exchanged our stories and connection to Iraq and support for our missions. We were both very excited about partnering, and have been writing since! His emails from Iraq make me happy. We hope you can join us as we work together to heal the hearts of the Iraqi children we love.

iHeartKids has created a PEACE Tee, supporting the mission of our friends at PLC. T-Shirts available in Toddler-Adult Sizes. Option of Blue or Pink Heart. Cost-$22/FREE Shipping! Proceeds from each shirt sold benefit the Preemptive Love Coalition. Shirts are available on our online marketplace, Get your PEACE on here!

If you are interested in getting involved in a fundraising event for PLC, contact Donna for more information. For more information on PLC visit their website at: If you want to see more, Watch This Video  Check out PLC featured on Oprah’s Life Lift Blog, Read Here

Thank you for reading!

We hope you enjoyed our story! Xo, Donna & Dottie & our Mom! (Hugs)

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Get Involved! Cap Day benefiting Caps for Kids

iHeartKids has teamed up with our friends at Caps for Kids to help raise awareness and funds for children battling cancer.

Caps for Kids is a national non-profit dedicated to giving autographed caps to children who have lost their hair from medical treatments.

Sometimes, hope comes from the simplest of things, such as a ball cap.Sounds strange at first – the idea that a cap can give a child the hope and strength they need to fight cancer. But when that cap comes from one of their heroes, they realize that they are no longer alone in their fight.

Get Involved, Have a Cap Day!

Cap Day is EASY and FUN! One Day – One Cap – One Dollar.
Register your school or business to participate in Cap Day, dedicated to raising awareness and funds for children battling cancer. For one day, your office or school can join in, in exchange for a $1 donation everyone wears a cap in honor of our patients. Students love wearing their favorite caps to school. It’s a great way for the whole student body to give back to their community.

Friends of iHeartKids in the Metro Detroit Area who want to participate in Cap Day let us know. Email for registration information.

If you are outside of our area and want to participate call Cap for Kids at 504-891-4277 or email for more information.

Caps for Kids was founded and is based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Affiliate chapters exist at more than 115 hospitals in the United States and Canada. To learn more about Caps for Kids, Visit

FLASH! 2012

iHeartKids is excited to announce a new partnership with DMC’s Children’s Hospital of Michigan and the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation.

Together we present: FLASH! Premiering in 2012

Event FLASH! Is a celebration benefiting The Childrens Hospital of Michigan Foundation Family Assistance Fund.

iHeartKids is very grateful for the opportunity to create something very special with the kids at Children’s Hospital of Michigan. We can’t wait to share this wonderful story with you! A big thank you to our team, Stephanie Gregory, Special Events Officer(CHMF) and Grace Serra, Art Advisor(CHM).

The Family Assistance Program:

Imagine not having enough money to purchase the necessary prescriptions for your child after being discharged from the hospital. Or imagine not being able to get home from the hospital because you don’t have bus fare. Unfortunately, these are very real problems that some parents face especially now with the holidays just around the corner.

The family assistance fund, administered by the hospital’s social work department, provides emergency support for patients and their families. Sometimes patients and their families need help to pay for parking, meals, transportation or medication, especially when a child is hospitalized unexpectedly.

These are emergency situations that are not be covered by insurance that are funded through the social work family assistance fund,” Money from the family assistance fund also helps patients and their families when regular sources of support cannot.

Examples of one-time necessities that the family assistance fund has provided for in the past, such as the building of a wheelchair ramp, the funeral of a child whose family is financially distressed, and support for families who lose their jobs due to the illness of their child.

A room air conditioner was purchased for a young patient who had skin wounds that would not heal without a special bed/mattress that generated a lot of heat. Because it was mid-summer, the heat would have been unbearable and he would not have been able to leave the hospital. The room air conditioner allowed the patient to go home to heal.

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The Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation supports pediatric medical education, pediatric-focused research and programs that help prevent childhood diseases and injuries. We accomplish this largely by working with experts at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan to identify initiatives that will have the greatest impact on improving the health of young people and families. Our goal is to make a significant and lasting, positive effect on children’s health – both locally and around the world.

DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan,where everything we do is just for them. Since 1886, the Children’s Hospital of Michigan has been dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to children and adolescents in a caring, efficient and family-centered environment. A proud member of the Detroit Medical Center (DMC), The Children’s Hospital of Michigan is the only freestanding children’s hospital in the state.

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“To advance humankind by creating a world where people from all communities truly understand the value of education and everyone has equal access to pursue it…”

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Creating a more Colorful world 4 Kids everywhere! Charity Lovin’ & Givin’ Tees

iHeartKids loves ART! Art is fun, cool 😎 beautiful and most importantly, there are NO rules to creating. We are proud, geeked and super excited to announce our first ever and oh so fabulous, T<3 Shirt Project! Tees made by Kids4Kids benefiting Soles4Souls.

Parents, grannies, pas, aunties, uncles, brothers, sisters, neighbors, EVERYBODY grab a kid and Come on, Let’s Color!

iHeartKids teams up with organizations we heart and support. Meet Soles4Souls, they are changing the world one pair of shoes at a time! Soles4Souls is making a positive difference in the world and we are happy to dedicate this project to them!

Cutie Morgie Moo, 5 & proud  😀


a few rules 2 follow:

  • ages 12 & under
  • have fun, play, smile lots, stay original :mrgreen:

We can’t wait to see the final tee! What are you waiting 4?

Submit here or email <3 BIG colorful (hugs) d&d

News: iHeartKids Launches Kid’s Competition For Design of New Shirt

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Here is some beautiful kid ART from the Heart<3

Art from the Detroit Playground build with KaBOOM!! We had a Blast:)

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More love for Wetopia!

Back in December I wrote about my new addiction WETOPIA! Well I am still addicted! Basically by playing this game you are actually helping REAL kids in the REAL world!!!! For now you can only play on facebook but I have a feeling that will change soon. With around 430,000 monthly active users and 70,000 daily active users Wetopia has become a huge hit! WeTopia is your own little town with buildings, homes and joy grounds. You earn “Joy” which you can apply toward real world projects such as food, health care, education or other programs assisting children, both in the U.S. and other nations. They have already partnered with our awesome friends who we have just lunched our T Shirt Project for at Soles4Souls.  I am so proud of my Wetopia and how far its come!! So far I have sent over 60,000 in joy. Take a look…

Wetopia was built by a company called Sojo Studios whos mission is to provide joyful and easily accessible ways for people to join with others to do lasting social good. Sojo has also just partnered with my fav Justin Bieber who heard about Wetopia from the Ellen Degeneres show. If your going to play any sort of game online then Wetopia should be it!

Check out my original post here. Don’t forget to add me as a neighbor 🙂 Dottie’s Wetopia

Kids who want to help others can join the  T Shirt Project!