T-Shirt Project from start to YOU! Get your tee NOW and Give Shoes!

iHeartKids launches our first Charity Lovin’ and Givin’ T-Shirt Project. Mission: Create a Colorful World by celebrating kids, art and having fun!

Why Soles4Souls? iHeartKids loves shoes! And Soles4Souls is making a real difference in the world! Soles4Souls collects new shoes to give relief to the victims of abject suffering and collects used shoes to support micro-business efforts to eradicate poverty.

1, 2, 3 Kids GO! 

Emily.9: One Small Footprint
I thought about how one small impact makes one huge footprint. So, shoe, by shoe, every sole is impacted in a chain reaction.

Lizzie.8: Sole The World
I love the idea of delivering shoes around the world, so the shirt design has multiple colors of flip flops with the Soles4Souls halo around it. The back of the shirt I would like for it to just say Soles4Souls.

Maitlin.12: Make The World A Colorful Place
I drew this design because it represents the world coming together – shoe by shoe. It also shows how the world is a colorful place just by giving a shoes, so give a shoe and color the world.

Ara.6: I’m having a sunny day!!!
“I’m having a sunny day!!!” is how a person feels after they are given a pair of shoes from Soles4Souls! This is how everyone should feel everywhere, everyday!


Joshua.9: African Wildlife Refuge
I drew animals to show people what the animals can do in their natural habitat.

Katie.7: Exercising the Universe
My picture is of the Earth hula-hooping, the sun jump roping and the moon running. I want people to be healthy and keep the Earth healthy too.

Pretty Sweet! Right?! How could we just pick one winner?  The colors, stories and love we see in each design inspired us to create ONE for all.

We took this…

Added a little MAGIC   

And Voila! 

A Colorful World. iGiveShoes

Together we can do beautiful things...
Help us continue our mission to create magic for kids all over the world!  Support Kids, Celebrate Art and Help Soles4Souls give shoes to people in need. This tee does lots of cool things!

Click the image above to start shopping or proudly click here —> iGiveShoes

This was way fun! We hope you love the design as much as we do!

(hugs) d&d

It’s T-Shirt Time! Introducing A Colorful World, iGiveShoes.

The iHeartKids Charity Tee made by Kids supporting Soles4Souls is now available! And the winner is… Every ONE! Surprise!

A Colorful World brings together art from all designs to create ONE.

The original plan was to select one winning design with the help of community votes. But how could we? Nationwide, kids ages 6-12 took the time to create beautiful art that gives. The colors, stories and smiles on our faces inspired us to do something special.

These kids are not only Lil’ Artists, they are leaders, heroes, creators, givers and to us, the coolest kids in town! We dedicate this T-Shirt Project to you, our Lil’ friends! You will forever be a special part of the magical world of iHeartKids. Thank You!

The moral of this story: Together we can do beautiful things.

Now all kids and families can rock this awesome tee!
The shirts can be purchased for $20.00-$22.00
Colors include: White, Pink, Blue and Ash Gray
Sizes: Youth-Adult. *All sizes available*

A Colorful World, Gives Shoes.
Every ONE Wins! You get a cool tee, iHeartKids continues to create magic and Soles4Souls gives shoes to those in need.

One Shirt= 5 Pairs of Shoes= So cool!

Get your shirt and give shoes at www.iHeartKids.com

The T-Shirt Project is about Kid power! little kids doing BIG things! This shirt supports kids, art, community, friendship, fun and more. We hope you love the final tee as much as we do!

Soles4Souls|A Shoe Charity Recycling Shoes For People in Need Changing the World – One Pair at a Time®
Visit www.giveshoes.org for more information